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His belief in civil rights and non-violent struggle inspired a generation. Meanwhile, the state of Sikkim, which was a separate kingdom ruled by the Chogyal monarchy, joined the Indian Union in It has increased its electricity generation capacity from 1, MW in toMW as of Pakistan tests six atomic weapons in response.

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There is nothing unusual in this. They entered politics by joining either the ruling Congress Party or the newly created Bharatiya Jan Sangh and the Swatantra Party now defunct.

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The Soviet-style five-year plan also creates a typically Indian model of mixed economy and big government. Other factors contributed to the growth include, good investment in research, land reforms, expansion of scope for lending facilities, and improvement in rural infrastructure.

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However, it soon dawned on the leaders of both countries that the hope and optimism of that night would quickly turn to the harsh realities of how to handle one of the largest mass migrations in modern history and the ensuing communal violence. A report from a leading financial institution had revealed that the agri-biotech sector has been growing at 30 percent since the last few years. In the field of education, our country has made wonderful achievements since independence. Expansion of farming area and introduction of high-yielding varieties of crops were the major factors of growth in agricultural production. In the economic field, unprecedented progress has been made so far. Political distance is maintained despite ideological proximity. One of the significant effects of the growth was that it could well manage to end dependency on import of food grains. Prior to that, it had launched an effective initiative — Sponsored District Education Programme, which increased the number of schools across the country.

Mortality in children under five years per thousand live births came down to During the post-Independence era, the growth rate bumped about 2. This change is taking place on several frontiers. Moreover, India has pledged to eradicate TB by

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