Fellowships for science writers of america

The Jacobs Journalism Fellowship brings together three outstanding journalists from Germany and the United Kingdom who have focused the reporting on education and child development.

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His research interests focus on global communication with a special emphasis on the transformation of Chinese media in the new millennium. In her spare time, she enjoys working on direct science engagement projects, including science festivals and events.

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The program runs May June 5, with opportunities available for extended fellowships in Woods Hole or Arctic Alaska. Deadline is February 6.

Fellowships for science writers of america

Her reporting about gene-editing generated significant impact in the scientific and greater communities in China. After this training, the selected scientists will record their minute talks in a green screen studio. Net's award-winning team in that won the Association of British Science writers ABSW prize for best science reporting on the web, for their coverage of the Dec Asian tsunami. Zixue Tai joined the media arts and studies faculty at the University of Kentucky in She holds a Bachelor's degree in biology and Master's in both developmental genetics and science communication. Padma began her career as a science correspondent at the Press Trust of India, where she reported on science daily and handled the production of the fortnightly PTI Science Service bulletin. Before launching his career in journalism, Balakrishnan earned an interdisciplinary science PhD from Aarhus University, Denmark. The talks will be posted on iBiology.

There are still too many barriers—from bias to privilege to ignorance—that keep us apart and hinder scientific progress. Apply by Feb 1st. Her special interests lie in assessing the impact of public health policies on the daily lives of people.

Recent Articles. To apply: Applications are taken online at casw. Submission deadline is May 31st.

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