How to write a theoretical analysis paper

Try to read your own paper as if it were written by a stranger. You could organize the details of the case into paragraphs and start each paragraph with an analytical sentence about how the theory relates to different aspects of the case.

Theory response paper

There will likely be several concepts, theories, or models that can be used to help develop a framework for understanding the research problem. The development of your can help you clarify your study and consider other effective methods to eliminate possible biases in your research interpretation. Your outline as writing guide Your outline is your writing guide. She identifies the parts of her arguments that require further support and explains how she is going to try to find that support. This should help you to refine your question or argument. The answers to these questions come from a thorough review of the literature and your course readings [summarized and analyzed in the next section of your paper] and the gaps in the research that emerge from the review process. Never leave the theory hanging out there in the Introduction never to be mentioned again. Often the support for your final claim consists of further claims, and those further claims require further support. Writing Tip Borrowing Theoretical Constructs from Elsewhere A growing and increasingly important trend in the social sciences is to think about and attempt to understand specific research problems from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Moreover, if you choose a case that disconfirms a theory, you should be careful that the case falls within the scope conditions see above of the given theory.

It establishes grounds for your study. You can do this by identifying the main intermediate conclusions. And why you are interested in the topic or why it matters to you is also irrelevant — your introduction should explain why your topic matters, period — not why it matters to you.

Position your theoretical framework within a broader context of related frameworks, concepts, models, or theories.

theory paper introduction

Your final choice of research design depends on the goals of your study and literature review it may take some time. This guide ignores such differences and focuses on the aspects of the writing process that all good! Connect all dots between your chosen problem, research, and targeted audience.

You need to find support for that claim. One way to do this is to not rely exclusively on the theories you've read about in a particular class, but to think about how an issue might be informed by theories developed in other disciplines.

How to write a theory paper in economics

This section can help you detect the targeted audience. This includes noting who the key theorists are in the field who have conducted research on the problem you are investigating and, when necessary, the historical context that supports the formulation of that theory. Instead of doing serious research and working out a clear argument, the author just sits down and starts writing without any plan, guide, or structure. Holton III , editors. Slideshare presentation. The Practitioner-Researcher. For example, if you are a political science student studying the rhetorical strategies used by female incumbents in state legislature campaigns, theories about the use of language could be derived, not only from political science, but linguistics, communication studies, philosophy, psychology, and, in this particular case, feminist studies. The diagram makes it very clear where the ends of the argument are: 1 , 2 , and 6. Some theory application papers require that you choose your own case an empirical phenomenon, trend, situation, etc.
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Everything students need to know about writing a theoretical framework