Impact of 4ps towards consumer behavor

consumer behavior coca cola case study

Bibliography Aldridge, A. Some see these fundamental tenets of classical marketing theory — referring to product, price, promotion and place — as the foundations upon which all sound marketing strategies are built.

Consumer behavior coca cola case study

Preparing for the future So where do we go from here? Dennis, C. Price Due to the availability of wide range products the pricing is done according to the market and geographic segment. Is the promotional material in keeping with the distribution channels proposed? Of course consumers will take the extra step to seek out the product featuring their name, and while they are at it, they will buy bottles for their friends, and why not post pictures to Instagram as well? Pricing on the Internet. Additionally, the company provides supplies for fountain drinks in many restaurants. Furthermore, its customer-orientation is its main characteristic and based on the Constantinides's suggestions that in the Internet era, the customer is the focal aspect. Promotion and price ensure we compete effectively. The marketing mix in the digital era: from the 4Ps to the 4Cs In an era where the customer is the focus, it is essential to consider the 4Cs as basic elements for the tactical and strategic success of any business today. About major components of the product can be cited, such as: product variety, quality, design, features and facilities of product, brand, packaging, size of product, service, guarantees, return the product Maleki, The dialogue with the customers is hold through various new media.

Lauterborn put forward his customer centric four Cs classification in With the establishment of interactive marketing as an important theoretical and managerial practice, many people have again brought up the question regarding the inadequacy of the McCarthy's model.

Is the promotional material in keeping with the distribution channels proposed?

coca cola consumer decision making process

Although Coke has been into controversies, people still prefer to stay loyal to the Brand with Coca-Cola being termed as a more popular brand than Pepsi. How can managers address this issue to ensure success? Harlow, Financial Times Prentice Hall.

consumer attitude towards coca cola

Internet marketing: strategy, implementation and practice. Evans, J.

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Impact of 4ps Towards Consumer Behavior on Mobile Phones Free Essays