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He helped abolish slavery and introduce a new era and shape america how it is today. Lee, And Walt Whitman. Team of Rivals, by Doris Kearns Goodwin, reports on Lincoln actually brought in people better educated and "more experienced and who made no secret of coveting Lincoln's job" Thomas.

I find that a number of the ideas in this book are very important and relevant. President achieves -- and his capacity to lead -- is based in part on his ability "to influence others" and to "energetically pursue objectives" that will have a lasting and profound effect on the functioning of American life Deluga,p.

What president has served the best for our country? He would then sit down and write a letter, either to the person or about the situation, and never send the letter Phillips. President Lincoln held key traits and qualities that have led him to become an effective leader. Author Root continues, "Secretary Stanton used to get out of patience with Lincoln because he was all the time pardoning men who ought to be shot; but no one can tell how much the knowledge of that quality in him drew the people of the country toward him and won their confidence and support" Root, He showed great emotional intelligence in diffusing situations with humor, but he also showed that he knew when to take things seriously and when not to take them so seriously. In fact, Abraham knew what was best for his country that would produce the largest impact for the citizens. This is because of his impeccable vision of future and leadership qualities. His proud parents were Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Lincoln.

He established an environment where the members of the cabinet were allowed to freely express their views, whether good or bad, without fearing any form of reprisal. We will write it for you from scratch!

He would then sit down and write a letter, either to the person or about the situation, and never send the letter Phillips. This was another quality that made him such a great leader. Lincoln felt it was very important to have an open door policy, allowing his subordinates to have available access to him Phillips. Abraham Lincoln helped to abolish slavery. He was President during one of the worst wars in American history and was a great leader for our military. He tried to put the most complex things in very simple and humorous way. During the elections, a majority of the votes went to the Republican Party, and Abraham Lincoln became the first president from the Republican Party.

He begins the conversation by asking for the names of the soldiers, a question that leads to a discussion of inequality present in their army; the Union Army.

Such a quality presents the aspect of effective listening whereby Lincoln took his time to listen to the views from all parties that in turn helped in making decisions Sardello, He was also extremely sympathetic toward the victims of the war, not only the lost soldiers but also their families, and he worried about the plight of the newly freed slaves, as well.

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In short, he was genuinely concerned about the people he governed, and they recognized that. The country reeled from his death in a strong reaction.

However, for the states in the Federal Union, they perceived the slaves to have rights similarly to other people and hence needed to be free and independent.

Millions of people lined the railways across the country when his body was transported from Washington back to Illinois. Achievement-motivated leaders are usually "rational negotiators" and they are apt to seek "information and help from technical experts" Winter, , p. He also knew when to stop an argument after taking into consideration various views and then announce his decision with valid explanations. Author Rawley states, "Thereafter Seward fell into place, as a presidential appointee, counselor, friend, and admirer of the increasingly self- confident chief executive" Rawley, , p. Lincoln was not aloof at all, he involved himself in every aspect of the presidency, showed interest and involvement in the people who came to him for favors or advice, and showed leadership traits that showed he was a strong and moral leader. He was shot down in the prime of his life and term of President by John Wilkes Booth. They had four children of which only one, Robert, was to survive to adulthood Abraham Lincoln Biography. Emancipation Proclamation created a history in abolishing slavery suppressing the war and saving Republic. This was another quality that made him such a great leader.

Lincoln displayed ethical leadership skills, never lying to the people or clouding the difficult issues that faced the nation as it entered into war.

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