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I only make SPRs. On the uses of rubrics: Reframing the great rubric debate. She needs to take her peer-response day seriously and ask her readers what they think. I thought a rubric would place burdensome limits on my subjective leeway in assigning grades for writing. Rooted in decades old concepts of grid-grading, the SPR combines the formulaic and time-saving components of rubrics with the differentiated and individualized components of narrative response and grading via detailed feedback. Rethinking rubrics in writing assessment. Even if every student struggled in different ways, the teacher can easily see how many students struggled and what concepts deserve more time and practice. By simply stating the basic criteria, the SPR leaves those doors open.

If a student desires an A, like the student in my opening anecdote, she has to work harder, and the openness of this rubric challenges students to determine how to rise above the standard.

Empirical evidence on the use of the SPR is limited. One of the strongest characteristics of the SPR is its ability to meet the third criterion White listed: It breaks the complexity of writing down into smaller, manageable units that can be learned in sequence and mastered by study.

First, note the differences in structure.

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Over the years, most secondary teachers have found again and again just how unhelpful and detrimental these tests and their rubrics have become for their learners. This rubric was generated with a section of my junior English 3 class, which contained 27 students, most of whom had never written a research paper longer than two or three pages before this unit.

As a junior and senior English teacher, the majority of my students hit most standards and rise above a few on any given subject.

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Finally, using a rubric has drastically reduced the amount of questions and complaints I receive after I return their graded assignments.

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