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The numbers steadily increased and by there were up topeople. The German-Americans who were already living there published pamphlets with all the information an immigrant needed when coming to America. During this time of major immigration in the U.

Mortality and morbidity between immigrants and non-immigrants or between different immigrant groups are compared in order to analyze differences in needs or risks as well as to identify preventable and unjust differences.

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Upon the arrival, many Americans did not approve of the new wave of immigrants practically invading into their country; therefore, authorities placed many Acts and restrictions that immigrants had to face by immigrating to America Other, numerically smaller immigrant groups today are highly skilled professionals, students, Jewish immigrants from former Soviet Union countries, refugees and an unknown number of undocumented immigrants [ 3 , 13 ]. These records allow for a comparison of mortality rates between German nationals and foreign nationals. Only pregnant women with migration background who lived in Germany for a short time period and who did not master the German language well were more likely to not use antenatal care compared to other women with or without migration background [ 85 ]. However, this result is partly explainable by the disadvantaged socio-economic status of the families. Congress passed a emergency immigration act in Both ethnic groups invested in making the journey to the United States for several reasons, however some immigrants were not given much choice. Officially, the union has pushed this idea through but, in practice, the forthcoming law is intended to prevent rejected asylum seekers who are working from having to leave Germany again. The right of freedom of movement within the European Union led to an increase of migration to Germany from other EU member states. These parties have since moved away from this position. In the years there was a huge influx of Germans. In addition to applying to graduates, the law should now also apply to people with professional qualifications — and not only in professions where there is a shortage of workers. Many of the Europeans were Catholics. Sides are always taken, with the conservatives battling the liberals.

German citizenship was difficult to obtain for persons without German ancestors and integration was not part of the immigration policies.

For men this difference is mainly due to differences in socio-economic status and does not persist after adjustment [ 59 ].

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New York City was a prime location for the immigrants and migrants of the time to create their new lives Further Reading.

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Social and health epidemiology of immigrants in Germany: past, present and future