Trade union act 1926

Trade union act 1926

The registrar may call for further information for satisfying himself that the application is complete and is in accordance with the provisions, and that the proposed name does not resemble On being satisfied with all the requirements, the registrar shall register the trade union and issue a certificate of registration, which shall be conclusive evidence of its registration.

If Registrar satisfies with all requirements provided by the members of Trade Union, Registrar will change the name and the same entered in the register.

Section 17 of trade union act 1926

Executive [Sec. No agreement between the members of a registered trade union shall be void or voidable merely on the ground that any of its objects is in restraint of trade. Disobey the rules and regulation of Trade Union act. The government will appoint required number of person as the Addition and deputy Registrar of the Trade Unions. For convening of political meeting of any kind or distribution of political literature or documents of any kind. In an era where companies frequently terminate even a permanent worker for engaging in union mobilisation, the stakes are too high for contract workers, who could be summarily dismissed, without any consequences, by the management. Offence Penalty 1. The account books and membership register of the union should be kept open for inspection by any of its office-bearers. Third, contract workers are far more insecure compared to regular workers. The fund can be utilized for the following purposes: Holding of any meeting or distribution of any literature or document in support of any candidate for election as a member of legislative body constituted under the constitution or of any local authority. In a factory, say, that employs permanent workers and 1, contract workers, any union that gives voting rights to contract workers would instantly marginalise permanent workers.

Provide them educational, cultural and recreational facilities. It also confers on a registered trade union certain protection and privileges.

Maximum fine imposable Rs. Offence Penalty 1. The government will appoint a person to be a Registrar. A notice of dissolution signed by any seven members and the secretary of the union should be sent to the registrar within 14 days of the dissolution. The funds collected for political purposes shall not be clubbed with the general fund.

Dissolution of Trade Union [sec. June one of the unions of Visakhapatnam steel plant, Indian National Trade Union Congress INTUChas demanded rupees 1 crore ex-gratia compensation for the families of the victims of the explosion had occurred at the 'oxygen control unit' near the Steel Melting Shop-II at Visakhapatnam steel plant which claimed the lives of 20 persons on june The reasons are many.

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