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All in all, prices are pretty similar for plans. Do More subscribers only get six free months of Apple Music, while video streaming is restricted to p resolution.

Depending on where you live, you may not see a 5G network for a while, especially if you're more rural than urban. You can upgrade your phone at 24 months, 6 months ahead of the end of the plan. Verizon now also offers a safety mode to put devices onto a slower connection speed if you are close to reaching your data limit for the month, so you don't end up spending an arm and a leg on overage charges.

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Just Kids plans require at least one line of unlimited data, with pricing dropping the more lines you add. Basic, Plus and Premium subscribers get Hulu's streaming service bundled with their wireless plan, but free access to the Tidal music streaming service is only available to Plus and Premium plans.

Also, Premium customers can pick one complimentary premium service choices include HBO, Showtime and other premium cable channels plus premium music streaming offerings.

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To create their 5G networks , the four major US carriers are using a combination of available spectrum bands, and their mix of bands defines the coverage. It also has the leading network speeds in more areas in the country. Your options, then, are simply in choosing your data usage when deciding which plan is best. The truth is that even though new iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S models come out virtually every year, the changes to each model are small, and typically not worth the hundreds you'll put into the latest incarnation. They both have competitive prices, numerous options for data and great overall coverage. Pay attention to specials and as always, do your research. The only catch is that after you go over your data, your operating speed slows down drastically. Depending on the carrier, however, you will be paying that retail price differently. You don't trade in your TV every time a new, more expensive model comes out, so why do it with your smartphone? To determine which carrier is the best for you, first you must determine a few things.
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Verizon vs. AT&T Phone Plans