Why i love soccer

As I watch the ball soaring through the air, the sun puts a glare on the ball.

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If your team is the best in the world, you have been entitled to brag. Focused on the player In comparison to other sports, soccer is a game that is more player-focused than other.

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See, the topic of this article is to point out why us, the soccer fans, love the sport. The odds of watching a soccer game completely are higher than in other sports. Two words: patterned spandex. The next challenge, say the experts, is how to galvanize the movement with the kind of passion and money that surround professional soccer. It's about the game, people, the game! One of the reason why soccer and the World Cup are so popular is because they have a great time being played which has helped developed a soccer culture and a tradition that has been passed generation through generation until today. Whether it's Brazil against Argentina or Manchester United versus Chelsea, we don't want our team to lose. Soccer is fun, it's simple, it's universal, and it's a social equalizer because it doesn't require expensive equipment. Stop by and check out my other articles please! Not big enough: Scores in soccer are smaller than in the other 3 american sports. As the patterns that players make overlapping runs on the wing, forwards retreating to pick up a pass, etc. This what my friends and I used to do in the streets or the school, we would play everyday with the ball of one of our friends and take care of it as if it was ours.

We're all entitled to have opinions; however, if us soccer fans were to talk smack on other sports, whether it's football, baseball or basketball, their fans get defensive and act like their sport is the best in the world.

It's such a great game for anyone to play. Whatever it is, you show pride in your team by supporting them through good and bad times.

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In fact, I can't even remember a single sporting event on the TV in our house growing up, except the Olympics. No using your hands or arms. Scoring goals is the essence of soccer.

Why i love soccer

If you played on a travel or club team, you can still easily rattle off every pizza joint and ice cream shop within a mile radius. This is what makes soccer so great. The great example of this is when my country, Panama, qualified to its first world cup. Plus, you can see the players. The announcers are elegant. C, the first ever soccer club, was founded in England. Soccer to me is the only sport I know that can speak to everyone in the world; that is why it is called a "global sport" and it speaks one language called football. The next challenge, say the experts, is how to galvanize the movement with the kind of passion and money that surround professional soccer. In close second, which initially puzzled me, was kicking the ball. One of the primary reasons why people enjoy watching sports in general is to watch athletes do things that they themselves could not do. Americans like everything bigger. Speaking of halftime, there is no halftime spectacle. So you can really get absorbed. And soccer programs list a slew of community-related benefits of their programs. And kicking sometimes leads to the best part of soccer: scoring.

It promotes peace, love, and understanding. I close my eyes and hear the ball sliding on the side net.

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17 Reasons Why Soccer is the Most Popular Sport in the World