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Or mentorship or mentoring. Background questions usually start with what, when, where, how and why in relation to a disorder or aspect of a disorder. It is not normally asked because of a need to make a clinical decision about a specific patient. Broad in scope - "The Forest" Provides basics for a a greater grasp of concepts Typically found in textbooks, encyclopedias and reviews Have two essential components: Example: What causes migraines? The process of finding and evaluating evidence will be more straightforward when you create a good PICOT question. An Outcome ideally measures clinical wellbeing or quality of life, and not alternates such as laboratory test results. There is not any specific format related to the design of this document only based on questions. Note that you may not end up with a description for each element of PICO. PICOT questions should bring multiple concepts that relate to a research topic or a specific clinical situation together. Questions arise from 6 aspects of clinical work: Clinical evidence, diagnosis, prognosis, therapy, prevention and education.

There is no hard and fast rule to formulate the questions. What will be the comparison of it?

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There is not any specific format related to the design of this document only based on questions. Answers to these questions can be found in secondary sources informational articles and tertiary sources books. It requires ample time to create questions as well as for finding the respective answers. Next, limit to publication type: Evidence Summaries rounds OR rounding Limit on left menu to "evidence based care sheets. New York: Elsevier, Churchill Livingstone, Including no disease, placebo, a different prognostic factor, absence of risk factor, etc. Foreground questions ask for specific knowledge to inform clinical decisions or actions. Foreground Evidence based practice requires that clinicians make use of the best research they can find to help them in decision-making. Example In patients with acute bronchitis, do antibiotics reduce sputum production, cough or days off? Based on Melnyk B. The answers to background questions can be found in books, reference materials and review articles that provide an overview of a topic. The summary, synthesis, or reference list may lead to more evidence. What effects are not wanted? And how do we define effective? Intervention or cause, prognosis What is the main intervention or therapy you wish to consider?

Pain relief When forming your question using PICO, keep the following points in mind: Your Patient is a member of a population as well as a person with or at risk of a health problem. A question root who, what, when, etc. Melnyk, B.

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The questions usually have one or two concepts and do not require the process used in formulating a research or evidence based decision-making questiions. Many research studies do not go head to head with a comparison.

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And how do we define effective?

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